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WEIGHT LIFTING Bar Hand Straps Padded Wrist Support Non-Slip Grip Bodybuilding Gym Training Men Women

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Scout Performance Gear Weight Lifting Straps Gym Training - Heavy Lifting, Bodybuilding, Gym Workout, Bar Strap Neoprene Padded Wrist Support No-Slip Rubber Design for Men Women

  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP AND LIFT MORE: Scout Performance Gear Wrist Straps made of Premium quality cotton and rubber. These straps will improve your weight goals and help you achieve more. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are always here with hassle free refund. So buy our wrist support straps with full confidence and hit Your Lifting Goals fast.
  • PERFECT STRAPS LENGTH: 23” long lifting straps with padded support will help you to wrap the bar several times so your hands are safe while achieving your weight goals. These Power lifting straps are perfect for any barbell, dumbbell, and row or pull up workout. One size fits for men, women!
  • PADDED FOAM SUPPORT: Our lifting strap comes with a padded support which protects your hands while you are focused on your weight lifting. Build Strength and improve Muscles. Easy to wear or remove during Gym Exercise / Weight lifting. Easy to carry, and comes in branded printing packaging by Scout Performance Gear.
  • NO SLIP RUBBER FOR IMPROVED GRIP: Our Advanced no-slip Rubber Grip design ensures that you never lose your grip on the bar and you lift more weight.
  • SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: If you are not happy with your purchase of Scout Performance Gear weightlifting wrist straps or you feel this pair of wrist straps is not the best then you can return it for full refund within 60 days of your purchaseAlso have a look at our other Gym Related Products, Gloves, Belts, Straps, and Lifting Hooks for more high quality items.


More About Our Lifting Straps:
Scout Performance Gear Weight lifting wrist bar straps are lightweight, durable and easy to wear / remove during Gym Workout. This pair of wrist straps with no-slip rubber printed design gives you more strength and safety to your hands, while you lift more weight.
Our Wrist Support Straps will improve your performance and help you in avoiding hand injuries in gym workout. Premium wrist straps with padded neoprene foam support and no-slip rubber design gives you more strength while lifting heavy weights. This pair of lifting strap comes in one regular size, 23” Length, 1.5” Width which fits everyone.

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